Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Making your body speaks

Just when you feel you are too fat enough to put down your weight and go for Fitness center to slim your body back to shape have you ever think of just leaving your tummy to get bigger and bigger till you can't fit in a size 40' pants? In Malaysia itself many fitness centers have been established around the city to attract young working adult whom they keen on the so call health living which somehow have make Fitness Center become a place where friends gather and have some relaxation as well gossiping. Recently Manager@Work a special pull out every month by The Edge Malaysia have done some research on this issues on Fitness Fever.
It you have a copy of Manager@Work you could see that Clark Hatch is the leading in terms of outlets, where Clark Hatch have 12 outlets while Fitness First 11, True Fitness 6, and California Fitness 3. The question is does this fitness center worth to be pay for? Below is some info about the pricing that helps us to know which is worth joining.
* Clark Hatch is charging a member fees from RM115 to RM160 depending on membership type and duration.
* Fitness first membership start from RM159 to RM175 depending on membership type
* California Fitness from RM130 to RM170 with a minimum commitment of 12 months
* True Fitness from RM165 upward depending on membership.
Now this is what I call promotion with RM100 to RM200 you can get yourself slim like the idols that you wanna be is this worth? Mainly I would suggest Calrk Hatch as is simply international and somehow with the on going promotion is worth a try beside that is only have 10,000 members so is lesser people in 12 outlets they have why not be the pioneer so you could enjoy a better deals while you can and is almost the same like others, but if you just want to test out you could have it at true fitness where if you visit them they give you a 7 days trial but is really wierd they always hand theirs banner written " Last 2 days" but every time I pass by the promotion is still "Last 2 days" Why? So Clark Hatch should be the choice.

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